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The Sober Grappler

Of things burnt and beautiful...

...this thing, my own blistered life, is my favorite.

The phoenix rises from the flames, the forest regrows following forest fires. The metaphors for burning turning into a beautiful rebirth are as cliche as they are true. This blog is not only my tale of ash turned avian, but of learning to care for the creature I created in the aftermath of burning every pancake life set before me. That was, until I learned to turn down the heat. 

Through these ramblings about my abusive relationship with alcohol, growing from an unmotivated and unfulfilled human to learning self-mastery through Jiu-Jitsu, my most desperate hope is that you, too, can find joy in your own journey. 

Burn what no longer builds you and fly with the freedom that follows when you create your own life's purpose. 

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